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Essiac - Rene Caisse's formula with Details of making and uses

Rene Caisse's Essiac formula with Details of making and uses

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  • 1) Certified copy of recipe  
  • 2) Importance if including sheep sorrel roots
  • 3) What is Essiac "Gold"?
  • 4) How To Make Essiac Tea (youtube and written)
  • 5) Directions For Drinking Essiac Tea
  • 6) Here is the ingredients weighed 
  • 7) The Latin Names of the Plants 
  • 8) Harvesting Sheep Sorrel
  • 9) How does Essiac tea work on cancer and are there any side effects?
  • 10) Essiac For Skin Problems
  • 11) Essiac For Detoxification (autism and pesticide poisoning)
  • 12) No Toxicity Problems With Essiac
  • 13) Essiac And Chemotherapy
  • 14) Essiac And Diabetes
  • 15) Essiac And The Immune System
  • 16) Essiac And Depression
  • 17) Essiac And Asthma
  • 18) Surviving Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  • 19) Chemtrails, Essiac and the Detoxification of America,
  • 20) Link to the Information used in this Posting

Complete Rene Caisse Essiac video, A rare glimpse of the humble Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, who brought the world, Essiac (her name spelt backwards)- her herbal cancer cure. She died at the age of 90 in 1978. Video filmed in the 70's. She lost by 3 votes in the Canadian legislature to get Essiac recognized as a cancer cure.

1 - Certified copy of recipe:
This certified true copy of Mary McPherson's two-page affidavit (scanned documents below) was provided by the Commissioner of Affidavits of the Town of Bracebridge, Ontario. Mary McPherson's affidavit is the only verifiable, legal evidence of Rene Caisse's Essiac formula  which gives the original, authentic Essiac formula. Mary McPherson knew the Essiac formula because she was the only person (other than Rene herself) who was allowed to make Essiac tea to give to Rene's cancer patients.

This is the formula which helped so many cancer patients in Rene Caisse's clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario. It is true that Rene Caisse did experiment with various herb combination's throughout her life, but the affidavit below reveals the final formula that she settled on after many years of experimentation with real cancer patients and laboratory mice.

Regardless of what some websites claim, this document reveals that the "Essiac" formula and recipe was officially placed in the public domain for everyone's use on December 23, 1994. Mary McPherson's affidavit was also verified by Sheila Snow and Mali Klein in their book ESSIAC--THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY (p. 14) and can be seen in the appendix of Mali Klein's book THE ESSIAC BOOK.

It is important to mention that Rene Caisse did not weigh the ingredients for Essiac. She used volume measurements for the dried herbs with "fluid ounce" measurements. This makes the recipe seem confusing unless one realizes that one cup of dried herbs does not weigh as much as one cup of water. That is, one cup of "herb mixture" does not weigh 8 fluid ounces because the dried, powdered herbs are lighter than water. Notice that the "1 ounce of herb mixture" is not a weight measurement because it is measured with "a measuring cup" that measures fluid ounces. 6 1/2 cups of cut burdock root weighs about 24 ounces. [Ref: ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 77-78]

It is also important to note that Rene Caisse used the whole sheep sorrel plant. Nurse Caisse stated that sheep sorrel roots are "very essential" to the Essiac formula.

2 - Whole Herb Essiac: Why is it so important to include sheep sorrel roots in Essiac tea?

The secret ingredient of Essiac tea was discovered by Sheila Snow who obtained letters from Dr. Chester Stock of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The following quotes came from these letters written by Rene Caisse to Dr. Stock regarding sheep sorrel solution for testing on mice. Here is what Rene Caisse stated regarding the importance of using the whole sheep sorrel plant, including the roots:

"The reason I offered to send you more material was because I know you cannot get the entire plant. You can buy the crushed leaves but they are no good alone. I found this out when I needed so much, when treating three to six hundred people afflicted with cancer every week for eight and a half years. I do know that the whole plant is needed."

"I am very shocked at the way your people are using the materials I sent you. The way they are preparing it for injections is an absolute waste. They might as well inject sterile water....They are just using leaves and stems, leaving out the roots. They are a part of Essiac."

This comes from Rene Caisse's letter to Dr. Stock dated June 14, 1976: "Dear Dr. Stock; I am worried about not receiving any reports on the tests. I thought about the way the lab had been preparing the material for the tests, and why they were not getting better results, so I read over their preparation and found that they were only using the leaves and stems, leaving out the roots, which are very essential in the 'Essiac' for treatments."

3 - What is Essiac "Gold"?

In the book ESSIAC--THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY Sheila Snow and Mali Klein revealed that Rene Caisse used the herb Goldthread to treat patients in her Cancer Clinic. Rene Caisse obtained Goldthread from a man who drove his brother weekly to the Cancer Clinic. According to Mali Klein, "It is possible that Gold thread has played a significant part, both in the original formula and as an additional therapy in Rene Caisse's Essiac program." [THE ESSIAC BOOK, p. 38]

Goldthread is not easy to find in the woods and North American herb companies do not normally sell this herb. The yellow root is very thin so one must pick a lot of Goldthread plants to obtain an ounce of the herb, which contains a yellow substance called "berberine". Herbalists can substitute Goldthread with other berberine-containing herbs such as Goldenseal, Barberry or Oregon Grape root. Wild Oregon Grape root is inexpensive and is plentiful in the Northwest; it is not in any danger of being wildcrafted out of existence. People often use the holly-like Oregon Grape as an ornamental in their yards and therefore it is available at many nurseries.

Wild Goldenseal has been picked out of existence in the eastern US. In like manner wild Ginseng was picked out of existence in the eastern US because at one time it was actually more valuable than gold. Today Ginseng and Goldenseal are grown organically.

Goldthread grows slowly. Theoretically, the fate of wild Goldthread could go the way of Goldenseal and Ginseng if people pick it too much in the wild. Therefore, one should pick it sparingly. One can also grow Goldthread organically or simply transplant some live plants and establish it in new areas to insure that it can continue to thrive in the wild. Another solution is to substitute Oregon Grape root for Goldthread.

Oregon Grape root is a much better substitute for Goldthread even though Goldthread has a higher berberine content by weight. Oregon Grape has much bigger roots while Goldthread roots are very fine threads. One can pick a pound of Oregon Grape roots in a few minutes while it could take days to pick a pound of Goldthread roots. Also, Oregon Grape root is a better choice because it does not cause heart palpitations or over-stimulate the nervous system like Goldenseal can do in larger-than-recommended dosages.

When one substitutes Oregon Grape root for Goldthread, one should add about 1/8 more Oregon Grape root (by weight) because Oregon Grape root has a slightly lower concentration of berberine than Goldthread. When harvesting Goldthread or Oregon Grape root, simply pull the roots up without digging. Digging can do great harm to the colony from which you harvest the root. [HEALING PLANTS OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS by Darcy Williamson, p. 99]

In the THE ESSIAC BOOK Mali Klein included a chapter entitled Essiac 'Gold', which details how one can use a very small amount of organically-grown Goldenseal with Essiac tea. Mali's book is the only documented Essiac handbook for cancer patients, which was a result of her research in the Sheila Snow Fraser's Essiac Archives. However, it appears that THE ESSIAC BOOK will soon be going out of print to become a collector's item. Mali Klein is editing a compilation of the Sheila Snow/Mali Klein Essiac Trilogy entitled THE COMPLETE ESSIAC ESSENTIALS. The US edition may able available by the end of 2010.

"We all have the right to benefit from Essiac because no one can stop us making it, no one can stop us taking it and no one can stop us deciding how and when we're going to do it." [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006]

4 - How To Make Essiac Tea - youtube video

Essiac A Modern Folk Remedy - a talk given by Mali Klein, details on growing and harvesting sheep sorrel

Making Essiac Tea with Mali Klein (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 - mixing the herbs and preparation for making the decoction, presented by Mali Klein, researcher, down to earth visionary and co-author with Sheila Snow of five books on Rene Caisse a...nd Essiac, The Snow/Klein perspective is unsurpassed in accuracy and insight because it is based upon the first hand perspectives of those who knew Rene Caisse best and cared about her the most.

Part 2 Making the decoction. Including pictures of Rene Caisse, her home and her cancer clinic

4 - HOW TO MAKE ESSIAC TEA - written

The following Essiac tea instructions have been simplified as much as possible to save time and to make it easier for people new to Essiac to make the tea. The supplies for making Essiac tea can usually be found in your local hardware or grocery store in the canning supplies section. Do not use any aluminum utensils as aluminum can react with Essiac tea.

Supplies Needed: Enameled or stainless steel pot with lid. Canning jars, lids & rings. Strainer and funnel or a glass measuring cup.

The following recipe is for making one gallon of tea using 1/2 cup (2 oz) of Essiac tea herbs. You can make a smaller, two-quart batch by dividing this recipe in half, etc. It is best to make just enough Essiac tea to last about two weeks because Essiac tea is perishable and will eventually spoil in the refrigerator. You can increase the shelf life of Essiac tea by sterilizing all utensils, jars, rings, lids, etc. in a boiling water bath for at least 15 minutes. One can skip the sterilization step to save time and therefore one can make Essiac tea in small batches to drink it up quickly before it spoils.

1. Pour one gallon of unchlorinated water into pot and bring to a boil. (Optional: Add extra water to compensate for water boiling off and water absorption of herbs.)

2. Add 1/2 cup (2 oz) of dried Essiac tea herbs to boiling water and boil hard for 10 minutes (making sure it doesn't boil over). (To make a two-quart batch use ¼ cup of herbs; one quart use 2 tbsp.)

3. Scrape down the sides of the pot and allow the tea to sit, covered, in a warm place (room temperature) for about 12 hours.

4. Reheat the tea in the covered pot until steaming hot, but do not boil it twice.

5. Allow the tea to sit covered and undisturbed for several minutes so that the herbs will settle to the bottom of the pot.

6. Place funnel and strainer on top of preheated canning jars. (If you don’t have a funnel and strainer, you can use a glass measuring cup to pour the tea into the jars.)

7. Carefully pour off (decant) the liquid from the pot into the canning jars so as to keep sediment out as much as possible. Screw the lids on, allow to cool and then refrigerate. The sediment can be used for poultices or can be discarded. Some sediment at the bottom of jars is quite usual and acceptable.


Pour 1 to 2 fl. oz. of the concentrated Essiac tea (1/8 to 1/4 cup) into a mug and add hot water, once or twice daily. Do not microwave the tea. Drink Essiac tea on an empty stomach. Take the time to sip your Essiac tea slowly; don’t gulp it down. Essiac tea is detoxifying so it is very important to drink plenty of pure water during the day and to have regular bowel movements. Discard Essiac tea if it tastes sour or when white mold appears floating on the surface. Essiac herbs and tea are light and heat sensitive so it is important to store in a cool, dark place.

Sovereigns Health Freedom Network

6 - Here is the ingredients weighed...
According to THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein (p. 29), the recipe can also be made in gram weight measurements as follows:

120 g Burdock (chopped)
80 g Sheep sorrel (powdered)
20 g Slippery elm (powdered)
5 g Turkey rhubarb
Use 15 g herb mix to 1.5 litres pure spring water
Boiling time: 10 minutes

Basic single daily does: 30 ml herbal tea diluted in either 30 ml or 60 ml hot water, taken at bedtime or when you get up.

7 - The plant names in Latin
and follow the link to understand what the original medicine mans recipe was as turkey rhubarb was most likely Indian rhubarb as the turkey strain was not native to Canada..

BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappa)
SHEEP SORREL (Rumex acetosella)
SLIPPERY ELM (Ulmus rubra/fulva)
TURKEY RHUBARB ROOT (Rheum palmatum)

8 - Harvesting Sheep Sorrel
Make sure that the sheep sorrel you use is the small, wild variety of sheep sorrel and not a substitute like yellow dock or garden (French) sorrel. Imported turkey rhubarb root could be fumigated or irradiated. Many Essiac merchants are unaware of the quality of their herbs. The best way to insure that you're getting true Essiac is to grow the herbs yourself. This puts you in control of product quality and takes out the commercialism. Burdock root is harvested in the fall of the first year. Slippery elm bark is wildcrafted or organically-grown and is easy to buy. Turkey Rhubarb is the only herb in Essiac that cannot be wildcrafted in the US. The Chinese use six year old turkey rhubarb roots for maximum

9 - How does Essiac tea work on cancer and are there any side effects?

In May of 1974 Rene Caisse wrote the following words to Dr. Chester Stock: "It took years to find out the one herb that actually worked on the growth itself [i.e., Sheep Sorrel]. The other herbs I used to purify the blood and throw off any infection thrown off by the malignant growth as it regressed." [ESSIAC: Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy, p. 23]

"The research showed Sheep Sorrel, the most acidic ingredient at pH 4.5, to be the one herb that had a directly destructive effect on cancerous cells. All the initial experiments were carried out on laboratory mice: 'We found that on mice inoculated with human carcinoma, the growth regressed until it was no longer invading living tissue after nine days of Essiac experiments.'" [ESSIAC: Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy, p. 23, 24]

Rene Caisse described this process in detail in the following three paragraphs:

"Most importantly, and this was verified in animal tests conducted at the Brusch Medical Center and other laboratories, it was discovered that one of the most dramatic effects of taking this remedy was its affinity for drawing all the cancer cells which had spread back to the original site at which point the tumor would first harden, then later it would soften, until it vanished altogether or more realistically, the tumor would decrease in size to where it could then be surgically removed with minimal complications.

"In certain cases and at certain stages of the disease, the cancer would act as if it were 'coming to a head', similar to an abscess. It would then break down and slough away. These people all reported that when the mass breaks, it isn't like pus but like a cottage cheese substance that comes away. Still other types will enlarge until the mass is localized, then loosen and reduce in size until there is nothing left, having been absorbed into and carried off by the blood stream and body waste.

"I found also that no matter where the malignancy may be in the human body, surgery would be much more successful after six to eight treatments of Essiac, followed by further treatments once a week after the operation for a period of three months; then there would be no recurrence of the tumor. In the case of breast cancers, the primary growth will usually invade the mammary gland of the opposite breast or the auxilla (armpit), or both. My treatment, I found, reduced the secondary growth into the primary mass, enlarging it for a time. When it became localized, it was encapsulated and could then be removed without danger of recurrence. In one instance, a patient with breast cancer was instructed by her doctor to have six Essiac treatments before undergoing surgery. After the fifth treatment, however, the cancer disappeared, with no recurrence." [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 124-5]

"It is very important to use the dosage as recommended, which was based on more than 54 years' experience. Rene was very concerned about this, which is why she personally administered the dose to her patients. The herbs are very potent, and in particular Sheep Sorrel can have the effect of enlarging the tumor too quickly, so that it may burst, or a vital organ may be blocked because of its increase in size. Sometimes the tumors will soften, dissolve into small pieces and be eliminated through the bowel or the urinary tract. Cancer growths in the breast have been known to become encapsulated within six weeks to three months, and can then be removed surgically with little danger of metastasizing in the future. Cancers of the oesophagus have also become encapsulated and removed cleanly and safely by surgery." [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 38]

"Depending on special circumstances, very occasionally in her later years, she would sometimes advise an initial dose of one fluid ounce twice daily for the first five, ten or (rarely) thirty days before reducing to one fluid ounce a day. Rene was always very particular about this because she was aware that sometimes, when patients first began taking the Essiac formula, their tumors might enlarge suddenly as though they were gathering back the cancerous cells that had metastasized. When that happened, she either gave lighter doses or stopped treatment altogether for a time, to prevent a vital organ from becoming blocked. It all depended on the nature and position of the tumor. For example, primary brain tumors rarely metastasize and we have had no reports of this type of swelling when taking Essiac in these cases. Essiac should never be administered intravenously. During the early days of Rene's pioneering research, she found that only Sheep Sorrel could be injected intramuscular as an individual herb." [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 38]

*It should be noted that Nurse Caisse often treated cancer patients with sheep sorrel solution injections in conjunction with the tea, which would produce more dramatic and quicker results than the tea alone. The injections could understandably create a situation in some cases where a vital organ might be blocked if the tumor rapidly increased in size. However, sheep sorrel injections are no longer used. She also used other herbs, too, and sheep sorrel root was a necessary part of the Essiac formula to achieve the results she achieved at the Rene M. Caisse Cancer Clinic.

According to the authors of ESSIAC ESSENTIALS [p. 45], the following reactions may occur when treating cancer that demonstrate how Essiac works:
  • a) swelling--occurs when metastasized cells gather into the primary tumor.
  • b) cottage cheese effect--resembling curds and clear liquid, occurs as the cancer breaks up and discharges from either the body orifices or from localized cysts or swellings. A jelly-like substance can also be discharged or coughed up from the lungs.
  • c) more frequent passing of urine/defecation and other inexplicable discharges--occurring as the body detoxifies. If the symptoms are severe, with related nausea and pain, stop taking the formula for a few days until all the symptoms have subsided. When you start drinking it again, take half an ounce every other day, gradually resuming the original dosage. Remember that all diseases have a life cycle and a rhythm of their own, so follow your own judgment according to what your body is telling you about the dosage it needs.
  • d) aching 'on site' and headaches, linked to the detoxification process, have been noted as sometimes occurring when taking Essiac after surgery. Treat as for (c) and drink more water to flush out toxins from the body.
  • e) fever or chills--sometimes occurring when the Essiac starts working directly on the cancerous cells.
*[CAVEAT: This web page is for historical and documentary purposes only and not for medical advice or treatment. It can be dangerous (not to mention illegal) to inject Essiac tea or sheep sorrel solution into another person and is no longer done. See I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse for more info. Drinking the tea, poultices and subliminal methods are safer and are discussed in THE ESSIAC BOOK and THE COMPLETE ESSIAC ESSENTIALS by author Mali Klein, who is the only Essiac researcher in print who has had direct experience of the immediate effects of the sheep sorrel injection. She suggests alternative and less traumatic ways of administering the Sheep sorrel decoction that have been demonstrated as being effective. See a competent naturopathic doctor for dietary recommendations in cases of serious illness.]

  • Dr. McCain: “The very first call I got was from a chiropractor who had a patient that had psoriasis for eight years. And she just put the patient on it because she just decided she’d give it a shot and it cleared up the psoriasis. They had never been able to clear up the psoriasis in eight years. So the first testimonials were not cancer testimonials. The first testimonials were actually skin problem testimonials, which was really remarkable.  
  • The first cancer testimonial I had was from a man in Arkansas and he had terminal lung cancer. One of my students had given him the tea to try and it had cured his lung cancer and he had done nothing else. There was no other supplements taken—nothing else—all he did was take the tea. And I thought: Oh, my Goodness, we’re seriously on to something here. So then in the next newsletter, with about six or seven testimonials that I had in hand from my students, I said okay I’m going to offer this. I’m not going to make any claims on it, but if you guys want to try it here it is, and it just went berserk. We sent out testimonial sheets for about the first five years every time we sent out the tea. I have testimonial sheets that would fill a closet on this tea. It was really shocking to me because it wasn’t just the cancer and I couldn’t understand how come we were getting so many different testimonials. 
  • We had one lady call in. She had these awful white patches all over her skin and she took the tea and the white patches turned hard and they all peeled off and her skin went back to normal. Which was really remarkable because she had that for years and years. 
  • We had another elderly person who had lost all their hair. They took the tea, the hair grew back, but not only did the hair grow back, the hair grew back brown. When they lost their hair, it was gray.
  • “These testimonials were blowing my mind because I was trying to figure out what in the world this tea was doing in order to have such broad-based positive health effects on so many different things. So I started to investigate, seriously, the burdock root—see what was in it. Everybody reported better energy when they took the tea. Well, come to find out burdock root is very high in iron, in natural iron that is easily assimilable in the body. So that was good. It was a blood builder, but the primary function of it is that it is a liver cleanser. The liver, of course, filters the blood system and when it’s toxic, the immune system starts to fail. This is what was so profound about this tea because as soon as you started to cleanse the liver the immune system would kick in and it would pretty much fix whatever the problem was in the person. That’s what I found so mind-boggling about this tea. It wasn’t just for cancer; it’s our number one formula now that we use for any kind of skin ailment, hives, psoriasis, especially acne. It works wonders with acne because the skin is the last eliminatory organ. So when the liver is toxic, the poisons start coming out the skin. As soon as you detox the liver, the skin goes back to normal. I’ve got years and years of experience with this. It’s just mind-boggling.”

11 - ESSIAC FOR DETOXIFICATION (autism and pesticide poisoning)
  • Lanny: “What other conditions does Essiac help?”
  •  Dr. McCain: “I had a little guy, a child that was seriously poisoned with SEVIN dust [a garden pesticide]. What happened was this child got very, very ill—been to all the doctors and everything—and they had called me and she described the symptoms. And I had said to her: Listen, it sounds to me like there is some type of poisoning with this child. They had tried every antibiotic, everything with this kid, and the kid was just getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I put the child on the four-herb tea and that was it. Once the chemicals were detoxed out of the body the child recovered and came back to normal. So there was a case where the child was poisoned with a chemical poisoning and it was affecting the liver and the blood system and the neurological system. The child was having neurological symptoms as well. So those types of poisonings—chemical, pesticides, that type of thing that localize in the liver—the four-herb tea helps those as well. Which is pretty remarkable. “And also I don’t know if you want to mention this or not, because it is very, very controversial, but I have had an awful lot of children who had been given the MMR vaccine and DPT shots and they have manifested symptoms to the extreme of autism where they can’t talk any more and they have serious learning disorders. I formulated homeopathic formulas to counter-balance these vaccines, but I also put these children on the four-herb tea. And my most dramatic case was a case in China where the child, after having received the vaccine, quit speaking, would run around on his tippy-toes, bang his head up against the wall. It was a very, very sad case because the child was normal before they got the vaccine. It took about ten months. I worked with these people. As a matter of fact that was what sparked me to have the MMR detox made up, the actual homeopathic done. And I had sent that over to China and we eventually restored that child to health. But part of the protocol was using the four-herb tea. I did use some other things as well. These are very, very dramatic cases where the medical doctors have no solutions whatsoever.”
  •  Lanny: “Yeah, except drugs.” 
  • Dr. McCain: “Well, yeah, that child would have been institutionalized. They would have had to lock that child up. So I really went out of my way to try to save that child and since then have saved a lot of children.

  • “I’ve got to tell you this about the toxicity levels of it [Essiac]. When we very first started making the tea, I got an emergency phone call. A parent had made the tea and put it in the refrigerator and had left the house with a babysitter and a six-month old baby. Well, the babysitter thought it was iced tea, went into the frig and filled up an eight-ounce bottle, gave it to the six-month old baby--that’s an eight-ounce bottle of four-herb tea, straight (i.e., undiluted)—and drank two glasses herself. The parent called me, absolutely flipped out of their mind, okay. We monitored the baby for two days—absolutely no toxic side effect at all. So there is the testimonial on the toxicity. No toxicity from this product [Essiac]. We have never, ever, not one time in all these years, had a toxic reaction to that tea. Not one.

  • “It’s unbelievable. The worse thing that happened is that we’ve had people that have had a lot of drugs, a lot of chemotherapy, etcetera, they’ll start off on the tea three times a day, they might get a mild headache because the body is detoxing so quickly. We back them up; we tell them to start off just once a day and build up to it over a couple of weeks. But that’s the very worse thing. And we’ve given it to so many people and people have given it to dogs and cats and you name it over the years. We’ve sold thousands and thousands and thousands of packages of this tea and have had tremendous amounts of feedback and so I’m very, very familiar with this tea. The original instructions were two ounces in a little bit of warm water three times a day. We have increased that because we know there’s no toxicity, so we do tell people if they want to they can increase it to four or five times a day. I had one lady who had breast cancer who called me and said she drank a quart a day. And she did heal herself of breast cancer, by the way, but she was drinking a tremendous amount more than what the recommended doses were. So people do what they want even if you do give them instructions, but I wouldn’t recommend that because people take a lot more supplements now. When we very first started out with this tea, that was all we had and mostly people just took the tea. Now we have a lot of other things, people are much more educated—the antioxidants and they added a lot of other things as well. You can overwhelm the body when it’s trying to heal itself, if you add too many things.”

  • Lanny: “Have you noticed a lot of people with diabetes with testimonials about Essiac?”
  • Dr. McCain: “Absolutely. The four-herb tea was really good. As a matter of fact we had to put a warning in there. People who were on insulin that were taking the tea needed to monitor their blood sugar because sometimes the pancreas would kick back in, but not all the time it would. Let’s say, for instance, the person had been on insulin for fifteen years. The chances of the pancreas kicking back in are going to be a lot slimmer than if a person has just come down with diabetes. Follow? Let’s hypothetically say this person is on a fixed dose of insulin a day and we do give them the tea and the pancreas does start to kick in. They’ve got to monitor that sugar, otherwise they will get an insulin shock because their body does not need that much insulin. Any time we give it to a diabetic patient we have to make sure that they watch their sugar because if their sugar drops down they don’t need to be taking their massive doses of their drugs. They’ve got to be careful. Follow? The tea did in fact sometimes make very radical improvements in people that were diabetics. We’ve had people come off the insulin with the Essiac, but those are people who are very strict about not eating sugar. The problem with diabetics is that they go to their doctor and the doctor tells them that they’re diabetic and they give them insulin shots and they go home and eat their Twinkies. They continue to eat sugar, that’s where the problem is. They’ve got to stop eating sugar. And the people that will quit eating sugar, change their diet and then work with the tea and some other supplements like vanadium. They found that vanadium is deficient in diabetics. The chromium picolinate really helps. If they will work with their supplements they can reverse it. But they can’t reverse it if they won’t change their diet. [Dr. Banting, a co-discover of insulin, also found a correlation between Essiac, insulin, and the pancreas.] 

  • “We have people that are perfectly healthy take it [Essiac] just as a maintenance and they’ll swear that they don’t get colds any more. They’ll swear that they feel better. They take it just once a day. Another thing is longevity. I have a customer who had terminal cancer in 1996 and he started taking the four-herb tea. They had given him a very short time to live and this is 2003. You could never convince this man to stop taking the tea. So people ask me if it’s safe for long-term use. You bet.

  • "We’re in some serious, troubled times and this government and this medical system, etc., they’re not here to save people, I can tell you that. That much I know. People have got to save themselves. And the problem is they get so depressed. “That’s another thing. I’ve got to tell you—make sure you put this in your article because this is so important now. Depression—the liver works with the chemical balances, the chemical balances in the body. And the doctors tell you it’s the brain that gets chemically imbalanced. But it actually has to do with the liver and the toxicity levels. So we have worked with this four-herb tea [Essiac] with so many people that are suffering from depression—serious, serious depression—and it will bring them right out of it once they detox. Let’s hypothetically say—God forbid—let’s take an example of a person whose mother just drops dead or is murdered. They go into such a terrible state of shock. They cry for days. The body releases all these chemicals and it poisons the system. [Toxins are stored in the fat tissues in the body and can be released at any time.] It poisons the body. They become lethargic, they become depressed, they won’t get out of the bed. They go to the doctor. The doctor says you need Prozac, you need this, you need that, and they keep poisoning the body. The body keeps getting poisoned until they eventually become suicidal and sometimes they even have to be institutionalized. At any point in time in that scenario if you will put them on the four-herb tea, they will see an immediate improvement within two weeks. They will start to feel better. Their brains will start to clear. They will have more energy. They’ll start to get their lives back and then you start to add in some other supplements. But I have brought people back from just the edge of what I would call ‘darkness’. Because I do understand that it’s a poison situation. They’ve actually poisoned themselves. Do you follow me?”

  • Lanny: “I’ve been there. I had very serious, chronic asthma and those inhalers were poisoning me. I didn’t realize it until I went off the inhalers. The first thing I did was move out of the city and the pollution, then I could breathe better, immediately. Then I started taking St. John’s wort because I read where it was good for asthma. After several months on the St. John’s wort, I went off the inhalers. I really didn’t do anything else.
  •  Dr. McCain: “Well, see, St. John’s wort is also a liver cleanser. It’s primary action is to cleanse the liver. So there you have a liver cleanser working again. This is why it’s so valuable, the St. John’s wort.”
  •  Lanny: “Well, I finally went off the inhalers. But before that the doctors wanted to put me on Prozac as a solution to counteract the symptoms I was having from the toxins in the inhalers. Now I just drink Essiac tea every day and I haven't had any problems with asthma.” [Also, Dr. Gary Glum successfully treated his chronic bronchitis with Essiac.]

  • Dr. McCain: “In order to survive, the people—what I call the remnant, or the people that really will survive—are the ones that are going to be able to pull themselves up and look after themselves and understand these principles. God really moved me to help save the remnant. That was why I started this whole business. That’s why I started with herbology to teach people how to use the herbs, teach them how to grow them, teach them how to put them in their back yard so they could look after themselves. And this was twenty years ago I had this burden. I saw it coming.”
  •  I asked Dr. McCain what herbs or supplements are most effective in surviving weapons of mass destruction.
  •  She indicated that colloidal silver would be at the top of the list because of its antimicrobial properties.
  • Olive leaf extract is second on the list because of its antiviral properties.
  • The four-herb tea is necessary to detoxify the liver, kidneys, etc.
  •  Dr. McCain indicated that other microbials such as grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano are also very effective.
  •  Dr. McCain: “For instance, let’s take smallpox as an example. Smallpox is a virus. I wouldn’t stake my life on colloidal silver with smallpox. I would use colloidal silver as well as the antivirals. Olive leaf was tested in Israel and was even found to nail polio one, two and three. And it was found to nail most of the influenzas that they researched. So this is a very powerful anti-viral and smallpox is a virus. Now you take anthrax, a simple bacteria, which is nailed very quickly with a pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver. But let me tell you how the four-herb tea fits into this. Let’s say you get exposed to smallpox today. You have virtually no symptoms for a couple of days. You might feel like you have a little bit of flu, but it will go back down in the body where you won’t really manifest anything for maybe seven days. In that seven days that virus is replicating in your body and by the time you start to get a rash it has completely taken over the liver and the kidneys. The liver and the kidneys are so toxic that the toxins are starting to come out the skin and this is why you’re getting the skin rash. So what I say is if there is any chance of exposure you want to be on the four-herb tea immediately. Keep that liver and those kidneys detoxing. Get your antiviral in there—your olive leaf extract and your colloidal silver. Make sure that you don’t have any constipation—that everything is flowing through and you won’t get deathly sick; it’s impossible. Because it’s just a virus and if you allow it to replicate in there it’s liable to kill you. But if you don’t and you get after it and you push it through, it won’t. Do you understand what I am saying? So this is where the value of the four-herb tea comes in. Because the four-herb tea helps cleanse the liver and takes the load out of the system.”
  •  Lanny: “Does the olive leaf extract keep the virus from penetrating the cell, like elderberry does?”
  • Dr. McCain: “No, it stops the virus from replicating. You need something to stop it from replicating because the cells are continually replacing themselves every day—they’re always dying. So if you can stop from replicating, then the cells that are contaminated will die off. This is why we’ve been able to help people with herpes and hepatitis. Over six months to a year we’ve been able to eradicate hepatitis. And the medical doctors say that’s impossible. But antivirals have to be used for long term if you have a chronic virus like HIV, herpes, those types of things. You have to be on them on a regular basis because they’re spurred—like they can sit in the cell for a long time—and they’re spurred by say trauma, shock, upset, emotional, you know, where they have an outbreak, where the virus is opportunistic and it waits until the immune system has been hit and then out it comes. Do you follow?”
19 - Chemtrails, Essiac and the Detoxification of America;

20 - Essiac Formula Recipe;

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